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“VILLAGE STORY” – by Ken Corsbie

Diversity in Our Villages; Harmony in Our Culture.



By Ken Corsbie. for  GUYFOLKFEST Magazine

When Romesh Singh asked me to write something with “The Village” theme, I told him that I had neverlived in or near a “village”, and then it occurred to me that the Georgetown street and block where Ilived my teenage years was really just one of very many villages that made up the city of Georgetown, not too unlike Brooklyn and Queens.

So here’s “my village” which, like most Georgetown villages was analmost complete microcosm of the country’s social and cultural makeup. This birds-eye view is 65 years later, but has remained relatively unchanged in outlay. It’s four street borders were East, Middle,Thomas and Murray (politics being what it was, it was later changed to Quamina, but I’ll always know itas Murray Street).  Those four bordering streets was our own 600 yards athletic arena – starting from theTaitt’s Yard, two or more runners would “take off” in opposite directions and race to get back first.  more

Here is the full document.  It has the street and house names noted on top of the map shown below... download> :  VILLAGE STORY – Ken Corsbie

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