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Guyanese Online Newsletter – February 2011

Guyanese Online Newsletter – February 2011

Download here: February 2011 Newsletter

Please see attached the latest Guyanese Online Newsletter.

It features the Guyana news, regional Caribbean and International news, commentary, editorials, Guyanese Associations and their news, Arts and Culture articles, including new books, as well as historical articles.

The newsletter has 16 pages and contains over 50 articles, including video links, so there is sure to be something of interest to you.  We do hope you find it interesting.   Here are the list:- …

  • Caricom in financial trouble – report
  • Brazil-China Trade increases to $56.2 Billion
  • Top 20 – Guyanese Online Blog – most popular – January 2011
  • Editorial – Guyana and Suriname – New realities – by Cyril Bryan
  • Biggest Scam in world history exposed  – re  Wall Street
  • Blog Entries for January 2011- 39 entries
  • “The Child-driven Education”  – video by Sugata Mitra
  • Guest Editorial: “Pawning the Country” (Kaieteur News)
  • US$10 Georgetown Sewer Rehab planned
  • Le Repentir Landfill closes
  • Guyana’s 2010 Budget largest at G$1.4B. Full report.
  • Gold records highest turnover in 2010
  • Guyana General Elections likely in August 2011
  • Alliance for Change launches campaign
  • African organizations boycott UN – IYPAD meetings
  • What is the UN declaration of IYPAD
  • Black activist calls for Shared Governance
  • GuySuCo to get another $1B from Government
  • Go-Invest has a successful 2010
  • TUC demands arbitration for bauxite workers
  • REDjet Airline coming with cheaper Caribbean fares
  • Guyana visitor arrivals increase 6.5% in 2010
  • CJIA – Guyana’s airport,  has record income
  • Georgetown to New york by Caribbean Airlines – soon
  • No re-introduction of Income Tax to St. Kitts/Nevis
  • Hassle-free travel for OECS citizens
  • BBC to close its Caribbean News Service
  • Brazil to spend US$6Billion on border controls
  • 2011 will be “turnaround Year for Barbados”
  • USA Dept of Transport Blanks Caribbean Airlines
  • Egypt, Israel and a Strategic Reconsideration – Analysis
  • Wikeleaks – Saudis running out of oil
  • Al-Jazeera Live TV News from Egypt etc.
  • Weak demand at root of job crisis in the USA
  • Rising sea levels may affect Caribbean Resorts
  • 2010 – third warmest year in warmest decade ever
  • Understanding the Rise of China – Video
  • Scotiabank “Gives back” to the community in Guyana
  • Dame Olga Lopes-Seale passes at 92 – in Barbados
  • Food for the poor donates machines and computers
  • The Yakkers Corner – John Hope Bryant’s Podcast
  • Hinterland Student’s dorm gets a donation
  • Queen’s College Alumni Toronto – “Scribbler” magazine
  • The “Bronze Woman” Statue unveiled in London (2009)
  • Article on Cecile Nobrega – creator of the “Bronze Woman”
  • Publication on African slaves to be launched
  • “The Four Pillars” book by Kenneth Joyce Robinson + video
  • Digicel “Gets Together” with Bob Marley
  • Stamps of  British Guiana and Guyana -book by Lal Balkaran
  • The Arts Forum and The Arts Journal
  • “Caribbean Erotica” book by Opal Palmer Adisa
  • “Sudden Departure Syndrome” book by Muriel Glasgow
  • Humans may have left Africa earlier than  thought – scientists
  • History of the Jews in the Caribbean – Ralph G. Bennett

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Cyril Bryan, Editor and Publisher

Guyanese Online Blog and Newsletter
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