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Chinese cultural dancers

Chinese cultural dancers


Chinese Dancers at the 4th Confucius Institute Conference

December 11 evening, the Confucius Institute students to report performance at the Beijing National Convention Centre, Li Changchun attended the viewing. Before the performance, Li Changchun met to attend the Fourth Conference of Confucius Institutes in 87 countries and part of the president of the Dean, and visited the headquarters of the Confucius Institute and the State Language Commission jointly organized the “multi-language and Confucius College Resources Exhibition. “

Here are eight more videos staged at this same convention, as well as an editor’s note regarding these performances

  1. Dance
  2. Jasmine
  3. Drama singing
  4. Rose Rose I Love You
  5. San Juban
  6. Song “Heaven Road”
  7. Beijing welcomes you
  8. Chinese Bridge theme song
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