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Historic Sacred Heart Church to be rebuilt

Historic Sacred Heart Church to be rebuilt

An artist's impression of the new Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church.

A turning- of- sod ceremony on Friday Feb 18, 2011 marked the beginning of a massive reconstruction of the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church to the tune of  G$85M (US$420,000). Parishioners, well- wishers and religious leaders of the Catholic Church in Guyana gathered at the site where the former 143-year-old church once stood.

The Church of the Sacred Heart, popularly once referred to as the ‘Gem of Main Street’, had its origins in 1861 when a chapel designed by Fr Schembri was opened on Christmas Day on the Main Street site. The church originally catered to the Portuguese and Masses were all said in that language.

At the ceremony, Sr. Mary Noel Menezes, one of Guyana’s celebrated historians gave a brief summary of the history of Sacred Heart Church.The design and plans for reconstruction of the church have been agreed by the Sacred Heart Rebuilding Committee, headed by Ramsey Ali and Roman Catholic Bishop of Georgetown, Francis Alleyne, OSB. The committee has already raised G$24M and is optimistic that the project will continue to be funded once it is seen that work has started.

Ali told the gathering that three buildings would be constructed at the site and that the pace of the works would be dependent on how quickly the rest of the money would be raised. There will be the main church building and there will be a facility for priests and a parish hall.

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The World’s Biggest Family

The World’s Biggest Family

The WORLD’S BIGGEST FAMILY article < view here

This is an article featuring the “World’s Biggest Family”.  It has been carried in a number of major papers recently and also on TV newscasts.  The article and pictures tell all so just take a look…

  • Ziona Chana lives with all of them in a 100-room mansion
  • His wives take it in turns to share his bed
  • It takes 30 whole chickens just to make dinner

He is head of the world’s biggest family – and says he is ‘blessed’  to have his 39 wives.

Ziona Chana also has 94 children, 14-daughters-in-law and 33 grandchildren.

They live in a 100-room, four storey house set amidst the hills of Baktwang village in the Indian state of Mizoram, where the wives sleep in giant communal dormitories.

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CBS TV boost for Guyana tourism – Videos

CBS-TV 's Joey Stevens, as he arrived in Guyana with his puppet parrot, his trademark on his TV Weather show– One Caribbean weather Channel. He is accompanied by Mr Brian Lilly, owner of One Caribbean Weather and WSEE TV, on his right.

Here are two videos, each about 28 minutes, by a CBS-TV team led by weather forecaster Joey Stephens. The videos  feature various aspects of  Guyana’s geography, its people, forests, and eco-tourism.

By Nathalene De Freitas  – Sunday, 11 July 2010


Videos: < click

A TEAM from the popular ‘One Caribbean Weather’ and WSEE TV, including weather forecaster Joey Stevens and his puppet parrot, Bob, arrived here yesterday to produce shows on Guyana’s tourism that will be aired on CBS and the ‘One Caribbean Weather’ channels.

They did an aerial shoot of Georgetown yesterday, and are to tour the city today as part of theone-week stay to produce two half-hour shows for a United States audience estimated at some30 million.

Bob with THAG President Paul Stephenson,  will visit the Kaieteur Falls, the Iwokrama Rainforest Centre, the Essequibo Islands and other parts of the country, officials said.  Mr. Stevens, WSEE’s Chief Forecaster, on the, describes Guyana as “The Lungs of the World,” noting that it is doing great with a low-carbon development strategy, and that President Bharrat Jagdeo was recently conferred with the  United Nations 2010 ‘Champion of the Earth’ award.

Stevens told reporters at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport that featuring a country on his weather show helps to boost its tourism sector, and give positive recognition to what tourists can expect when visiting.  What was important, he said, was that the rest of the world will be seeing what Guyana is all about and the One Caribbean Weather programme will put Guyana at the forefront so that others can experience its rich flavour and culture.

“We will be showing the world what is here in Guyana to entice them to visit and experience Guyana for themselves.  I have been told that many people visit Guyana to see all the natural things here, like the waterfalls and rainforest.  Guyana is different from the rest of the Caribbean with its natural beauty,” he noted.

Stevens, who has been honoured with numerous awards and citations, said one of the best compliments is that people love to see which country is being featured on the show.  He said it is amazing to highlight the rich culture of the people, the many exotic sites, and at the same time offering accurate weather information

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), Mr. Indranauth Haralsingh, said inviting the team to Guyana will help build the country’s destination and awareness images.

He said this simple investment will be huge for Guyana, since it will allow about 30 million people to view various attractions as well as Guyana’s unique culture. “The more people get familiarized about us, the more it will help to create a demand for the country’s tourism industry,”, he said.

Also in the visiting team is Mr. Brian Lilly, owner of One Caribbean Weather and WSEE TV. They were invited to visit Guyana by Mr. Brian Yong, owner of the local Movie Star cable channel, in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, the GTA and the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG).   .  …. more here> :  cbs-tv-boost-for-guyana-tourism

(This article was in the Guyanese Online Newsletter -December 2010)

David Granger elected PNCR Presidential Candidate

Carl Greenidge (right) congratulating David Greenidge. (Stabroek News photo)

(Stabroek News – Feb 26, 2011)   Around 7:15 pm this evening , the PNCR confirmed that retired brigadier David Granger would be its presidential candidate for this year’s general election.

The decision came on the third count of the ballots at today’s special PNCR congress.

An announcement was to be made at 3.30 pm today but up to 7 pm there was none. Congress Place sources said that on the first count economist and former finance minister Carl Greenidge came out slightly ahead of  Granger. Following a challenge there was a recount and sources said that Granger came out slightly ahead.  A third count confirmed this decision.


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The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

by: Alfred W. McCoy  |  TomDispatch | Sunday 05 December 2010

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A soft landing for America 40 years from now? Don’t bet on it. The demise of the United States as the global superpower could come far more quickly than anyone imagines. If Washington is dreaming of 2040 or 2050 as the end of the American Century, a more realistic assessment of domestic and global trends suggests that in 2025, just 15 years from now, it could all be over except for the shouting.

Despite the aura of omnipotence most empires project, a look at their history should remind us that they are fragile organisms. So delicate is their ecology of power that, when things start to go truly bad, empires regularly unravel with unholy speed: just a year for Portugal, two years for the Soviet Union, eight years for France, 11 years for the Ottomans, 17 years for Great Britain, and, in all likelihood, 22 years for the United States, counting from the crucial year 2003.

Future historians are likely to identify the Bush administration’s rash invasion of Iraq in that year as the start of America’s downfall. However, instead of the bloodshed that marked the end of so many past empires, with cities burning and civilians slaughtered, this twenty-first century imperial collapse could come relatively quietly through the invisible tendrils of economic collapse or cyberwarfare.   more

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Thousands celebrate Mash 2011


They came out of the hinterland and churches and from beverage companies to phone companies, and some of the hearing impaired didn’t even have to hear to party in the celebration of the country’s 41st Republic anniversary yesterday, – February 23, 2011.

It was a colourful party in true Guyanese style.

The country’s carnival-like revelry on the streets of the capital saw hundreds taking part in the annual Mashramani costume and float parade, and they didn’t mind the thousands who came out to “watch” them. In fact, the onlookers egged them on.

If Mahendra Ramkellawan’s catchy Chutney Soca number “Dem a watch meh” doesn’t win the prize for the song that enjoyed the most play on the road, something would be wrong.
The song gave life to one of the biggest bands on the road – that belonging to mobile giant Digicel – and even local soca idol Adrian Dutchin was “Ok” with it.

Digicel brought out its “Royalty” band, and pushed a huge throne along the Mash route. The band even had a dressed up granny to whip up crowd support.

Perhaps the biggest winner of the day proved to be the cooperative heavens, as not even a drizzle dropped yesterday after Monday’s heavy downpours threatened to push back the event.

The large turnout proved that those who signed on early to be part of the competition had their act together and were ready for yesterday’s hysteria.
Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr Frank Anthony, seemed pleased and he danced along the streets, waving to those who lined the Mash route.
As is the norm, thousands stood for hours to get a glimpse of the parade, and yet thousands spread plastic on the still yet damp Merriman’s Mall to enjoy the show.

Bar-b-que grills breathed smoke at almost every block, and it proved to be a big sale day for food and beverage stalls.

But the show belonged to the hundreds who took part in the parade and none perhaps were more serious about their revelry than the band of brewery giant Banks DIH Limited.
Once it’s Mashramani, the song genre that rules the day is soca, and so there was mass confusion in the Banks DIH band when then the DJ seemed bent on playing dancehall. At one point a section of revelers from the beverage company sat on the road and demanded that the DJ play Soca music or they were not moving.
The DJ eventually got to know where his money was coming from and Soca hit the air and the sea of scarlet red waved along again.

The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company came out with “Blue Wave” and from a long way off, the wave was evident.

The ruling People ‘s Progressive Party (PPP) saw General Secretary and Presidential hopeful Donald Ramotar joining the party and he seemed to be in high spirits. PPP revelers had their cups, and in some cases “posy” filled, as they parade through the streets of Georgetown.

The biggest and most pleasant surprise on the road was the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs band. You would believe that an iconic Amerindian leader was leading his people to a battle of sorts.  The revelers were dressed in traditional Amerindian wear, headdress and all, and they danced through the streets in coordinated fashion.

But they were by no means shy, as most people think of Amerindians; at least those in the band showed that they can gyrate to a good Soca song like any other Guyanese.

The earliest revelers were church groups and also a group from the deaf community.

The parade continues to suffer from a lack of widespread corporate support. Government Ministries and bands continue to dominate the event.

Mashramani 2011 was celebrated under the theme: “Preserving our culture, sustaining our pride.”

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MASH 2011 Photos

These photos of MASHRAMI-2011 parade were supplied by Bryan Mackintosh.  Click link below to view the photo album..

Carib Beer Band revellers

Photo Album:


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Guyana observes 41st Republic anniversary

Golden Arrowhead hoisted- as Guyana observes 41st Republic anniversary

Georgetown, GINA, February 23, 2011

Guyana’s symbol of nationhood, the Golden Arrowhead, was this morning hoisted in the forecourt of Parliament Buildings in the presence of the Commander-in-Chief, President Bharrat Jagdeo and the military top brass to celebrate Guyana’s 41st Republic anniversary.

Flag Ensign Midshipman Rawl Williams, assisted by Lance Corporal Kevon Tappin raised the flag to the ceremonial 21-gun salute as members of the Cabinet, the Diplomatic Corps and the public observed the sombre tradition.

President Bharrat Jagdeo surrounded by the Military’s top brass taking the Presidential Salute in the forecourt of Parliament Buildings in honour of the Guyana’s 41st Republic Anniversary

Preceding the flag raising was the arrival of Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds, given the general salute, followed by the President’s arrival, the Presidential salute and the inspection of the Guard of Honour.  Continue reading

Countrywide Flooding in Guyana – UPDATES


This entry was first started in February 2011 when the heavy raines started the flooding across the country.  The rains abated but now they are back and the flooding continues.

Please note that the March 2011 updates carried here are copies of the articles in the Blog where a separate  blog website entry was created for the flood reports for March 2011 at this link :


March 24, 2011 – Bare Roots flooded for past five weeks :

March 22, 2011 – poor sea defences lead to overtopping at Herstelling and Providence  (East Bank Demerara).

March 20, 2011 – Spring tides affect Bartica’s power station :

March 20, 2011 – Authorities again releasing water from EDWC as water rises:

March 20, 2011 – Rain, damaged koker flood Wismar, Albouystown :

March 19, 2011 – Mahaica- Mahaicony farmers appeal for more help :

March 19, 2011 – East Demerara Conservancy rising “dangerously”…

March 19, 2011 – Editorial: “The Rains and the Floods” Kaieteur News.

March 19, 2011 – Rice, sugar harvesting resume as weather holds:

March 19, 2011 – West Demerara suffered tremendously from rainfall:

March 18, 2011 – Editorial: “Water Woes” – Kaieteur News :

March 17, 2011 – Floods:  1200 acres of rice lost :

March 16, 2011 – Conservancy stops releasing water in the Mahaica creek:

March 16, 2011 – Weather cripples sugar industry:

March 16, 2011 –  Conservancy level rises

March16, 2011 – City’s drainage system hampered by fishing boats.


MARCH 15, 2011 – Conservancy to discharge into Mahaica creek; farmers brace for flooding :

Mar 15, 2011 – Conservancy at critical level – earthen dam being shored up :

March 15, 2011 –  Cyril Potter  College of Education under water as heavy rains continue:


Buxtonians fear water-bourne diseases from flooding  (Feb 26)

BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST : Kaieteur News – Commentary

February 25, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under Features / Columnists, Peeping Tom  Since the Great Flood of 2005, which many still feel was due to overspill  when it appeared that Guyana may have had to brace itself for a repeat of

Ogle Airport records highest water accumulation since 2005 floods …

Feb 24, 2011  It is the view of many political observers that as the 2011 national  Since the late 1970’s and until recently, the economy of Guyana has

Water receding but several communities still inundated – Officials …

Feb 23, 2011  While there are no immediate fears that more flooding could result …. It is the view of many political observers that as the 2011 national  I read the status update on Monday on NCN Guyana’s Facebook page…. more

Health Ministry, GWI issue safety tips in wake of heavy rainfall …

February 23, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under News  In light of floodingconcerns, the Ministry of Health issued an advisory urging the general Meanwhile, the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) in a statement yesterday advised that

Flooding wreaks havoc on livestock, residents in Number Two and …

Feb 22, 2011  NDC officials said that all over Guyana has been affected by the flooding and that it was an act of Mother Nature.

NDIA responds to KN on Hope Canal comments : Kaieteur News

Feb 14, 2011  Also, assessment in the Guyana Floods Geotechnical and Hydraulic Assessment  It is the view of many political observers that as the 2011

Coomacka – a community steeped in despair : Kaieteur News

Feb 12, 2011  And this area has had its fair share of flooding over the years. …. It is the view of many political observers that as the 2011 national as I read the status update on Monday on NCN Guyana’s Facebook page…. more

The Screw Pump is a better option for flood control : Letter

Apr 18, 2010  In order to effectively manage the flooding condition of Guyana the  is the biggest pump in the world and should be completed by 2011


Countrywide flooding as heavy rains drench Guyana

FEBRUARY 22, 2011 | BY KNEWS |

… more showers, wet Mash expected

Heavy rains drenched the country over the last 48 hours, leaving several communities under water and authorities hinting that the Mashramani celebrations tomorrow will be a wet one.
Yesterday, reports from across the country indicated that communities like Black Bush Polder, Region Six; and Kwakwani and Coomacka, in Region  Ten were among the hardest hit.
At least one water conservancy in Essequibo is said to have overtopped because of excess waters.
Residents of several communities claimed that they lost poultry and sustained millions of dollars in water damage to homes.

Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, Bourda.
Montrose, East Coast Demerara.

There were several reports of vehicles mistakenly driving off the roads into ditches.
The rains yesterday, because of their intensity, were said to be among the worst since the 2005 floods.
Several streets in the city were under water as rains which started Saturday developed into a steady downpour early yesterday morning.
Government said that it dispatched a “Ministerial” team along with engineers of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) to assess the situation. President Bharrat Jagdeo also inspected several affected areas of the city and coastlands.
There were several unconfirmed claims of some kokers, especially at Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara being left unattended, compounding an already bad situation.

Expect More
Warning residents of especially low-lying areas to be vigilant, the Ministry of Agriculture said that rains are part of the La Nina phenomenon which is expected to persist until next month.
The Ministry’s Hyrdometeorological Service said that at least 5.8 inches of rains fell at Land of Canaan within 24 hours, the highest in the country being recorded by stations.
“The second highest amount of rainfall over the same period was 127.1 mm (5.0 inches) which occurred at St Cuthbert’s Mission, Region Four.  St. Cuthbert’s Mission recorded 274.1 (10.8 inches) of rainfall in 48 hours.”
Radar data indicated that the East Demerara Water Conservancy and the Boeraserie Conservancy both had in excess of four inches of rainfall within a 24-hour period.
In Region Two, the Supenaam Forestry measured five inches of rain while Leguan, De Kinderen Back, and Boerasirie were not far behind, passing the four-inch mark.
It was the same thing for recordings taken on the East Demerara areas and in West Berbice. In Region Six, the rainfall was less but still a formidable 3.96 inches.   Continue reading

BBC Filming Raleigh Documentary

…. 10-part documentary titled, the ‘Serious Explorers-Raleigh.’

GUYANA as a destination of choice will again be propelled into the spotlight with the arrival of a team from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to begin filming a ten-part documentary titled, the ‘Serious Explorers-Raleigh.’

So as to accord the visitors a warm Guyanese welcome, Minister of Tourism, Manniram Prashad along with a team from the Ministry of Tourism and the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) journeyed Friday to Mabaruma in Region One (Barima Waini) where they caught up with and met the expedition members as they entered the Waini River to begin the first leg of their journey.

The BBC team, consisting of 15 adults and eight children from the United Kingdom, is here to retrace the footsteps of Sir Walter Raleigh in his quest to find the City of El Dorado.

Like Raleigh, the team sailed across the Caribbean from Trinidad and Tobago to the coast of Guyana. Arriving on the vessel, ‘Scaramouche’, the adventurers were warmly welcomed by the Tourism Minister and his entourage as they boarded the moored ship to interact with the visitors.

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