Girl Who Silenced the UN For 5 Minutes

Severn Suzuki, in a speech to the United Nations in 1992.


Comment by Cyril Bryan, Editor. Guyanese Online Blog

Some may say that the listeners were just polite and gave her a hearing. Others may say that although the chamber was not packed, they gave her a hearing by listening in rapt attention… something they do not always do to presenters. What she had to say is of great importance then, and even more today.

In any case this speech was made in 1992.  almost 20 years ago, and we must ask ourselves…. has much changed since then?  Are we still just talking and arguing about global warming and the melting of the icebergs and the poisoning of our environments.  Actually, things have got decidedly worse since this speech was made.

It is projected that with rising sea levels and harsher weather, that many low lying islands and coast-lands will be affected.  Some island nations like the Maldives, may disappear or be severely affected.

In the case of Guyana we are already seeing the affects of harsher spring tides, flooding, salt water incursions on farmlands especially in the Essequibo Islands, and on the East Coast of  Demerara.    Most of Guyana’s population lives on the flat, low-lying fertile agricultural belts along the coastline.  Robust sea Defences,  and sophisticated drainage and irrigation systems have to be high-priority items so as to ensure that the coast lands of Guyana remain livable.

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  • Alfred Bhulai  On 12/30/2010 at 12:46 pm

    The spring tides are harsher to riverain areas; because of siltations caused by the Demerara Bridge and now the Berbice Bridge have not been addressed.
    I forecasted a very exceptional spring tide in Sept 2010 for our latitudes. Another one is coming for all equatorial latitudes at the March 2011 equinox.
    Alfred Bhulai

  • walter  On 01/04/2011 at 1:46 am

    Hi Cy,
    Regarding this article, the first 25 mile belt along the Atlantic coast of Guyana is below sea level and with the expectant rising tides it is only a matter of time before Guyana gets hit.
    Seeing as how we only have a small population with 90% of the people living along the Atlantic coast,I shudder to think lt;
    Will we have many of our loved ones left,?…. Say if we had a Tsunami? It certainly is something worth thinking seriously about.

    • GYanese  On 01/04/2011 at 8:58 pm

      we know that the entire coastal area is six feet below sea level, and every spring tide residents have to endure flooded yards. yet Jagdeo and his crew have been given prime real estate at Sparendaam (dubbed Pradoville 2) where they are in the process of building mansions. Does that mean that Jagdeo has conned the entire international community about his LDCS scam? or that he and his cabal would be immune from the flood waters.

      By the way, the speech made by the young lady was at the 1992 UNEP conference in Rio de Janiero and youths have always addressed the UN body over the years.

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