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Guyanese Online Newsletter – December 2010

Guyanese Online Newsletter – December 2010

Guyanese Online Newsletter – December 2010 < click here


Shopping mall Christmas video – Amazing!

50% chance of oil in 12 months

Top 10 on Guyanese Online Blog

Editorial – “The New Reality” by Cyril Bryan

Videos on Education and Development

Article on the U.S’s  Future  to 2025

WikiLeaks – good for Democracy?

Development re T&T company – ANSA McAl

Guyana’s Growth reported by IMF

Brazil keen on Hydro, Lethem-Linden road

Skeldon Factory issues with GAWU

CBS-TV visit boost for Guyana’s tourism—Videos

Barbados shines in Human Development Index

CARICOM Travel card soon

St. Vincent Elections – Dec 13, 2010

Guyanese teacher wins award in Belize.

Guyanese  scientist featured in GQ magazine.

COFONA  –  New Amsterdam group formed

COTAB– Toronto’s Buxton group – Boxing Day Dance

BHS Toronto Alumni –25 years celebration

Guyanese Association of Manitoba

Tutorial  High School -Toronto Reunion- 2011

Raisin Bread for Mom  – Cynthia Nelson

The Arts Forum & Arts Journal

PODCASTS – The Yakkers Corner by Muriel Glasgow

featuring Podcasts by Magda Pollard;   Shakoor Manraj

Celebrating Creative Personalities – Vibert Cambridge

Remembering Edgar Mittelholzer

Conservation of forests by Amerindians

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