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Transforming the University of Guyana

Transforming the University of Guyana

University of Guyana – Strategic Plan 2009-2012

The University of Guyana’s 2009-2012 strategic plan is built on four (4) goals: Achieve higher quality teaching and learning aligned with expanded national needs, especially in science and technology; Improve institutional governance, administration and management by statutory and structural adjustments; Broaden the financial base of the university and enhance its ability to recruit and retain high quality staff, and Improve the teaching, learning and service environment. The plan, quite appropriately carries the theme – Advancing Management, Infrastructure and Quality (AMIQ).

Increased funding:

Successful implementation of the strategic plan demands early provision of transformational funding to establish immediately a substantial project executing capacity.

The development of the University of Guyana along the lines defined in this strategic plan requires that it be funded at a level significantly above the current provisions. Guyana can afford a significant part of the requisite financing because of the value that investment in the University can add to the success of the plans of the government for the development of the country. However, a substantial part of the input must come from other sources at very early stages in the life of the plan. The University is not at present equipped in personnel capacity to manage such inputs and it is therefore an imperative that the first step in the execution of the plan must be the financing of a project execution capacity independent of the existing Bursary and linked to the Office of the Vice Chancellor.

U.W.I. Collaboration:

The second requirement for the execution of the plan is strengthening the specific component of our collaboration with the University of the West Indies that deals with the improvement of the level of qualifications of staff at the UG. The Plan must be supported by specific allocations to allow staff development to be unfettered by the pressure of unadjusted workloads for members pursuing higher degrees. Supernumerary staff is a fundamental requirement for this development.

Quality Assurance

The third requirement for the success of the plan relates to quality assurance provisions.  Within three months of the start date for the plan, the University will have a quality assurance manual to guide its management of its quality as an institution of higher education. The financial implications of implementing the provisions and processes proposed by the manual must be met without fail.

Meeting these three requirements will ensure that the initiatives articulated in the plan will achieve the goals with which they are associated. The collective provisions will provide the transformational injection that will allow the University to generate a developmental dynamic which will change its attractiveness for independent funding outside of the traditional government sources. Failure to meet these imperatives will condemn it to a protracted demise as an institution

The information in this article are from the U.G. Strategic Plan. Read the full document at the link below:-


University of Guyana – Alumni Listing

University of Guyana – Alumni Listing

Are you a University of Guyana (UG) Graduate? If you are then you should enter your details on the UG Alumni Listing on the Internet.

UG graduates are now spread out all over the world as the present on-line listing of 2500+ graduates show.  This list contains just a fraction of the 28,000+ persons who have graduated since the University was  established 47 years ago in April 1963.

Click on the entry below and look up your friends or family, add them if they are not there … and pass on this link to others.

This UG Alumni  list by Name, Country, Faculty, Major, Grad  Year and Campus…. < Click link

Cricket – When the Windies hit the world for six

Over and out: demon bowler Joel Garner on the attack in 'Fire in Babylon'

Over and out: demon bowler Joel Garner on the attack in 'Fire in Babylon'

Cricket – When the Windies hit the world for six – A new film recalls the glory days of West Indian cricket. Geoffrey Macnab is bowled over by a remarkable sporting story.

The best sports documentaries invariably transcend their subject matter. Leon Gast’s When We Were Kings (1996) and John Dower’s Thriller in Manila (2008) aren’t just about two of Muhammad Ali’s best known fights.

They’re stories about race, politics, commerce, endurance, bitterness and the human capacity for both grace and violence.

By the same token, Fire in Babylon, premiering in the London Film Festival tonight, is much more than a cricket film. Stevan Riley’s remarkable documentary tells the story of the all-conquering West Indies cricket team of the 1970s and early 1980s. This was the team of Clive Lloyd and Viv Richards – and also of several of the most lethal fast bowlers of the modern cricket era. The documentary gives the lie to the idea that there have never been any decent films about cricket. You don’t need to know anything about the game to appreciate what Riley is telling us about West Indian national pride and English colonial bad faith.

The narrative trajectory is straightforward enough. The West Indies team used to be dismissed as “calypso cricketers”. They had players of great talent but did not win consistently. In 1975/76, they were humiliated 5-1 in a Test series against an Australian side containing the ferocious fast bowlers Jeff Thompson and Dennis Lillee. Their attitude, in the wake of this defeat, was “never again”. The West Indies players were part of a generation determined to prove themselves against their former colonial masters. This was the era of Black Power and African liberation. When the English captain of the era, Tony Greig, infamously boasted in 1976 that he would make the West Indies “grovel,” they made him eat his words.  ………… more

Read the full article here: When the Windies hit the World for six

Read a film review here:

Pauline Thomas – “Auntie Comsee”


— Guyanese radio “Creolese Comedy Program” of the 1970’s . .. funny!!

This is an interview with Camille Ross of Toronto’s Guyana Beat” TV program that was recorded  a couple of years ago…

This will stir some memories.     Enjoy

Here is the link:

Living in Guyana – slide show

Living in Guyana – slide show

This is a THREE and a HALF hours slide show of pictures of Guyana, with a few short videos as well.   Do not look unless you have the time. …although  you can stop it and always go back and fast forward to where you left off.

The first TWO hours contains pictures of life all over Guyana even a bit of Mashramai, and all the races that live in Guyana.   Many shots feature the Amerindians, the Rupununi Savannas, various falls, city markets, the fruits and foods, country life, the sea wall, and kite making and flying and the unique architecture of Guyana.   It should make you home sick if you grew up in Guyana.  You cannot look away or you will miss a picture…. But there is a stop and pause button.

The last HOUR and a HALF features a group of Americans visiting Guyana with President Carter, on various trips around the country.   You will see the East Indian festival of lights, a bit of  Pagwah , and an East Indian wedding. ….   Here is the link:   Enjoy!!!!

Friends of Victoria Village -Diaspora Gala – NYC

Edgar Mittelholzer – new publication

University of Toronto Centre for Caribbean Studies and

A Different Booklist


A new publication of the Works of the Great Guyanese Author


(flyer attached)

When: Wednesday October 27th from 6:30-8:30 p.m.


Where: Ralph Campbell Lounge – B380 (Bladen Wing)

University of Toronto Scarborough

1265 Military Trail, Scarborough, Ontario

Readings by: Nancy Rickford & Christopher Pinheiro

Panel Discussion with:  Professor Frank Birbalsingh, Journalist Colin Rickards and Author Raymond Ramcharitar

Moderated by: Professor Alissa Trotz

**Saluting Caribbean Week in Toronto**

:Download flyer:  Mittleholzer flyer

Buxton-Friendship Express – September 2010

I N S I D E   T H I S   I S S U E :   September 2010

  • Pg 1-2 Delivery Under Way – Computers and steel band; Several women approved for low-interest loans
  • Pg 3 – New Street Names Unveiled
  • Pg 4-5  – Improved Health Services; Fall of Tipperary
  • Pg 6 – COTAB Awards, donates uniforms, books and more
  • Pg 7 – 170th Committees Retired
  • Pg 8 – The Quintin Bacchus Column
  • Pg 9 – Friday Night in Buxton; Restoring Trust
  • Pg 10 – Thank You
  • Pg11 – Fundraising Dance – Maryland October 9
  • Pg 12 – CIMBUX Reunion Ball – Lanham Maryland. October 23.
  • Contact Information

Download the Newsletter: Buxton-FriendshipExpress2010-09

Lynette Dolphin Memorial Scholarship

Lynette Dolphin Memorial Scholarship

The Toronto Chapter of the Queen’s College of Guyana Alumni Association intends to make four (4) awards, CAN$ 1,000 each, for the 2010 Lynette Dolphin Memorial Scholarship.

Candidates must be Queen’s College alumni or children / grand-children of members of the Chapter.  In addition, candidates must have gained acceptance to or already attending an accredited college or university.  There is no Canadian residency requirement.

Applications must be submitted by October 31, 2010.

The application form and additional information may be obtained from the Chapter’s web site ( or by contacting the Secretary at


Guyanese Online Newsletter – October 2010  released

DownloadGuyanese Online Newsletter – October 2010

This  issue is 18 pages, the largest ever published.  It features a number of pages on the Amerindians of Guyana, September being their annual Heritage Month.  The “First Peoples of Guyana” have been here for over 10.000 years.

The October Newsletter  contains positive Guyana News;  Regional News; Tourism;   and three pages of news from various Guyanese Associations.   It also has three pages featuring  Guyanese Arts and Culture  and four pages on the history and related information on the Amerindians.

We hope that you enjoy this edition of our newsletter.  Please forward it to your family, friends and anyone interested in Guyanese news and culture.

We look forward to your comments.

Cyril Bryan,  Publisher and Editor.