The Society for Caribbean Linguistics Conference

The Society for Caribbean Linguistics – 18th Biennial Conference, August 9 – 13, 2010 – Barbados

The Society for Caribbean Linguistics held its 18th Biennial Conference in Barbados from August 9th to 13th, 2010 at the Amaryllis Beach Resort.  The theme of the recently held conference was “Caribbean Languages and Popular Culture” and the conference was dedicated to the memory of the late Professor Richard Allsopp, distinguished Caribbean linguist and lexicographer.  In keeping with the remit of the Society to address issues in language education, two teacher workshops were held prior to the conference for English and Foreign Language teachers in Barbadian secondary schools.

Papers presented at the conference covered  a variety of topics, including various aspects of linguistics, French Creole varieties, lexicography, language in song, language rights and language in literature, by both Caribbean and international participants.

Highlights included a session of tributes and the launch, posthumously, of Professor Allsopp’s last work, the New Register of Caribbean English Usage.  The keynote speakers at the launch were Professor John Rickford, outgoing President of the Society, Professor Ian Robertson, a former President, and Dr Jeannette Allsopp, widow of Professor Allsopp and the current President of the Society.

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