Our target area for this sewing Project is Corriverton, Guyana.

School uniforms are mandatory for all grades in Guyana so teaching the skills to sew these uniforms is the primary goal of this training. Teaching sewing skills will help to support families.

To do this Andra Thakur will teach two classes per day for a total of 30 students over the 16 weeks – October 2010—March 2011.

Help us by donating the electric sewing machine that you no longer use. Contact Andra Thakur 250-756-2652 or Joyce Morrison 250-248-5914

All will be welcome, but we hope that many Amerindian (First Nations) will participate. The two groups who will most benefit from this training will be:

1. Young people ages 15-18 who have dropped out of school and cannot find employment;

2. Adult women, often with families to support, who have not had the opportunity to learn employment skills.

Projects are carried out in association with Guyana Women in Development (GUYWID-Berbice) under the patronage of Mr. François Montour, Canadian High Commissioner of Canada to Guyana.

View detailed flyer here: Flyer Corriverton 2010

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