Against all odds

Against all odds

Dawnetta McLean is QC bound –despite illness and adversity

Posted By Oluatoyin Alleyne On July 18, 2010 |Stabroek News
Eleven-year-old Dawnetta McLean endured more hardship than her little shoulders should be allowed to bear leading up to the National Grade Six Assessment, including two bouts of illness, hours of travelling and many late nights, but she was determined to do well and in the end her dream came true when she was awarded a place at Queen’s College (QC).

Success comes after hard work it is said and McLean’s was hard as she not only spent countless hours in classroom settings at school and later at lessons but also had numerous domestic issues to deal with and were it not for her resilience she may have easily given up.

Even as she basks in the glory of being among the country’s top 100 students McLean knows that is her only reward.

What she really would like to have been awarded with is a laptop computer, an item she dreams of owning, but sadly for her it will remain a dream for much longer.

While her mother Dawn McLean would like nothing better than to grant her daughter her heart’s desire, she is not in a financial position to do so. In fact Dawn is hardly in a position to secure her daughter’s school apparel for the new school term and the nagging headache that never subsides is the everyday bus fare that she would have to find to send her daughter to the school of her dreams.

“But she must go,” Dawn told Stabroek News in a recent interview. “She worked really hard and she get Queen’s and she has to go.” Dawn explained that her daughter being awarded a place at the highest school in the land was bittersweet.

Borrowed  ….. Dawn is a labourer at a large company and she makes just about $5,000 a week without overtime. Her husband, also a labourer at a timber company, makes just about the same thing.

However, the combined wages of the two are hardly enough to sustain the family of three as according to Dawn by the time they pay their bills and purchase food there is hardly any money left.

“Many days I did not have money to send Dawnetta to school but I use to tek shame out me eye and borrow from the neighbours because I say she must go to school,” the woman told this newspaper.

She explained that while she only has one child it is still difficult for the family and the fact that they live all the way at Kuru Kururu, on the Linden-Soesdyke Highway, does not help the situation. She had to find some $480 a day for her daughter to journey to and from the West Ruimveldt Primary School. At times the family doesn’t have much at home to eat and the mother who feels for her daughter is also forced to borrow money for the child’s lunch.

Read whole article plus the outpouring of help and gifts in another article attached to this one. Click to download:> Against all odds

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