Victoria Conferencing on Development Options

Victoria Conferencing on Development Options

News release download> Victoria Village Conference

A two-day Conference under the theme, “Imagining, Involving, & Investing in our Future” has been planned by Villagers and Victorians in the Diaspora as a way or focusing upon the worsening economic plight and development prospects of residents of the country’s First Village.

The Conference is also intended as a means of galvanizing residents to creative action in order to compensate for the deepening spread of hopelessness among the young and to arrest further decline in the social and economic fabric of the once prosperous and leading rural community.

The Conference to be hosted by the Victoria Reconstruction Trust, an informal association established to stimulate entrepreneurial activities and foster renewal, and members of the Victoria Diaspora, groupings of Victorians and friends not resident in the Village, will open on Thursday, the 5th of August 2010.

The Conference Secretariat lists among the critical need for candid and constructive discussions, the urgency of arresting the encroaching decline in various sectors of the Village – social, educational, economic, agricultural, academic, infra-structural, moral, spiritual – and to assist, challenge, and encourage Villagers to contemplate a Different Future individually and collectively and help to equip them to take appropriate actions to realizing this Future.

Noting that there have been bold entrepreneurial activities in spite of the economic decline of the Village, the Conference aims to discover, document, and analyze with the view of strengthening the existing economic, financial and human resource development programs that currently exist in the village in order to facilitate their improvement, expansion, and transformation.

C lick here to read full news release:> Victoria Village Conference

Conference Leadership & Planning Committee Secretariat: Victoria, East Coast Demerara, GUYANA, South America: Telephone 592-256-0576


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