Fathers know best – by Godfrey Chin

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Happy Father’s Day 2010. This is for every father, everywhere. Hoping that while I share this Nostalgia it brings back some poignant memories of your Dad.  And while you reminisce, think of all the foibles, derring dos, ding-dongs,  ning-ning  and narra that made your ‘dad experience’ so pivotal in your maturing years.

Mark Twain once wrote “that as a young man he felt he was wiser than his dad – until he became a dad.” The foregoing I share as proof: ‘Father always knows best.’ Enjoy this banter with my Dalton Sons – Ya think it easy!       

Fu Manchu’s sons: “Thank you for that very flattering account of my ‘everywhere’ Dad.  My brothers and I are truly lucky to have him.  He is an amazing father because of the way he made our childhood so rich with experiences.  His kindness to all our young friends, his overpowering enthusiasm for anything he’s involved in, and his ability to have fun while working hard is truly a gift.  The pranks he played on us as kids, the pranks he played on our friends, the pranks we watched him play on his friends, speak volumes of his humour. Often times, my brothers and I would hear our friends say in envy, “You guys are lucky; you have a cool dad.” We of course sometimes beg to differ.  Here are some snippets to prove otherwise…

How come he could remember the precise score of the Central High v Queen’s College cricket match in 1953, but could never seem to get our names right?

Dad: Hoping for girls to name – Joan, Mary, and Shirley. Kinda hard to remember boys’ names. And worse, to recognize siblings, especially when the clothes were all ‘hand me downs’ from eldest to youngest.

Having to wait for him to bring home ‘cook-shop’ food late in the evening.

Dad: After 11pm the cook-shop sale was half price on leftovers. Had to find some way to feed alya 3.

Hearing him sneaking out early to get the newspaper on the day the Common Entrance results were published.

With you three slow-like-snail learners, preferred to be shocked early morning

Being amongst the first kids roller-skating in the city.

Dad: And Dad with pillows front and back teaching 3 non-athletes to skate,  and de ‘ol man’ falling all over the road,  like rain. Hell more bruises than Bruiser Thomas!

Attending  the  cinemas  in  theme  costume?  We remember going to the cinemas as Batman & Robin, Lone Ranger , Zorro, and US soldiers, etc.

Dad: Children in costumes with parent got in free – saving 4 pit tickets.

Showing up to play ‘war’ or ‘cowboy and indians’ with your friends, and you’re dressed authentically enough to play a lead role in a Hollywood production?

Dad: Anything to show off on the neighbours – and help my boys catch the girls.

To have my home assignment crib dwarf all the other children’s presentations.

Dad: That was a three-storey deluxe designer state-of-the-art manger, complete with wall-to-wall carpet and washing machine.

Hearing the greeting, “Here comes Animal and the young Animals,” when we arrived daily at Cosmos Sports Club.

Read full article here: Fathers know best –  by Godfrey Chin

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