TAKUTU BRIDGE – Rupununi. Guyana

Masthead Picture – April 2010.

TAKUTU BRIDGE – Rupununi. Guyana

Takutu Bridge joining Brazil and Guyana

The Takutu Bridge (above) was built by Brazil to bridge the Takutu River border with Guyana.  It is located a few miles from Lethem in the Rupununi.  Its nearest Brazilian town is Bon Fim across the border but Boa Vista is just 120 km (80 mls) away by high speed highway.

Articles about the Takutu Bridge:

April 27, 2009: Takutu bridge opens to traffic

September 6, 2009: Takutu Bridge opens new frontiers

September 15, 2009Takutu Bridge Officially Opens

Photo Slide SlowSpecial Slideshow :  A Trip to Takutu Bridge

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  • Ron. Persaud  On 12/29/2012 at 10:34 am

    I guess that the “Floating Shop” has been a victim of progress.
    Never mind. I have the memory of duty-free shopping and consuming, alcool!
    It could not be brought over to the Guyana side of the river.

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