THE ARTS JOURNAL – Volume 5 Numbers 1&2- March 2009

THE ARTS JOURNAL  – Volume 5 Numbers 1 &2- March 2009


  • Editorial
  • Music and Symbolism in The Life and Death of Sylvia – Juanita Cox
  • The Guyana Landscape and the Language of the Imagination in the Fiction of Wilson Harris -Mark McWatt.
  • Identity Formation in Ramabai Espinet’s “The Swinging Bridge”- Frank Birbalsingh
  • Re-encountering Guyana: An Interview with Mark Mc Watt – Lucy Evans
  • Sasenarine Persaud:  A Boundary-Crossing Ethnocentrist – Victor J. Ramraj and   Jitesh  P. Parik
  • Guyana’s Dutch-Lexicon Creoles: The Demerara (dis)Connection – Ian Robertson
  • Figures Trapped at the Forest’s Edge – Kenwyn Crichlow
  • When the Doomed are Mostly Eloquent in their Sinking – Edward Baugh
  • I Wish you a Leaf Falling – Edward Baugh
  • Not in the Loo – Velma Pollard
  • Reflections in Broken Lines: the Seashore of a Child’s Memory – Ameena Gafoor
  • John Agard: Anancy Troubadour – Philip Nanton
  • A Reading of Ameena Gafoor’s Novel Extract – Michael Gilkes
  • Moses Nagamootoo’s “Hendree’s Cure: Madrassi  Experience in a New World “- Frank Birbalsingh
  • Howard A. Fergus’s “Love, Labour, Liberation” in Lasana Sekou – Fabian Adekunle Badejo
  • Selwyn Cudjoe’s Caribbean Visionary: ARF Webber and the Making of the Guyanese      Nation” -Nigel Westmaas.

The Editor of The Arts Forum’s Page, Ameena Gafoor, can be reached by E-mail: or by phone:  592 227 6825.

THE ARTS JOURNAL is available at all leading bookstores in Georgetown or from the editor or from Bernadette Persaud, e-mail: or by phone:  592 220 3337.

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